Global Indices

The aim of Bahrain in Global indices is to shed light on the position of Bahrain among the most prominent international indicators issued by specialized international institutions and organizations. It is a quick overlook and a reflection of the current position of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the reports of these indicators.

The indicators chosen for diversity are characterized by the aspects and themes discussed. Some are inclusive, such as the Global Competitiveness Index, which contains about 144 sub-indices covering most of the life-related areas of country competitiveness; others are specialized in assessing a specific aspect of the economy and its associated indicators of practice Business activities.
The importance of such indicators is that they identify the weaknesses and gaps that limit the ability of countries and governments to improve their performance, as well as the strengths and advantages they enjoy, and these indicators give the opportunity for many countries and governments to learn and benefit from their experiences towards achieving more performance.

This is designed to make it easier for decision-makers and stakeholders in the Kingdom of Bahrain to begin to present the results of these indicators for discussion and evaluation and the possibility of benefiting from them in achieving national strategies and visions and pushing forward towards further prosperity.
The Office of the Strategy Optimization Consulting is aware of the importance of these indicators at the global level, as it appeared in its sources.

We hope this will help us to provide an important aspect of Bahrain’s position within the global indices.