The Global Entrepreneurship Index

The Global Entrepreneurship Index is a composite indicator of the health of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in a given country. The GEI measures both the quality of entrepreneurship and the extent and depth of the supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem based on the following 14 Pillars: Opportunity Perception, Startup Skills, Risk Acceptance, Networking, Cultural Support, Opportunity Perception, Technology Absorption, Human Capital, Competition, Product Innovation, Process Innovation, High Growth, Internationalization, Risk Capital.

Bahrain achieved 45.1% of the total number of 14 main axes and rank 35 globally

Index Calculation Mechanism
The Index comprises four-level : (1) variables, (2) pillars, (3) sub-indices, and (4) the super-index. The three sub-indices of Attitudes, Abilities, and Aspirations constitute the entrepreneurship super-index (the Global Entrepreneurship Index). The index is calculated by giving pillar values ranged from 0 to 100, and summation of the average values of all pillars.

Bahrain has shown a high level of competitiveness in terms of growth aspirations, a global level of risk capital, education and training, and an acceptable level of product innovation and entrepreneurial opportunity.

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