Strategic Alliance

There is an international shift in recruitment from the traditional hiring to direct talent sourcing. At the US 40% of the workforce is expected to be contingent workforce by end of this year, 2020.

Hiring on project/task basis allows employers to create an agile workforce that attracts the best talents for the exact moment and timeframe that they are needed.

Contingent hiring provides the organization with expertise in subject matter that the organization might require without the hustle and due liabilities of traditional hiring, leaving the risk of acquiring the proper competencies for the contractor. Thus, saving the organization in time, cost, and efforts needed for traditional hiring.

Strategy Optimization Consultancy is proud of its list of top talents at most of the critical needed areas. The required experts would be supporting organization with their high competencies at very fast basis and as long as they are needed only.

Some of our available subject matter are;

  • Water Resources
  • Agriculture Development
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Green Buildings
  • PPP Contracts
  • Organizational Development
  • Environment Sustainability
  • Urban Development
  • Communication
  • Feasibility Studies
Strategic Execution