Rashid A. R. Mahmeed

Senior Consultant

A Successful Project Manager for the Strategy-Aligned Performance Management initiative , the Cascading to Individual Goals and Competency Profiling initiative, and the Succession Planning Initiative at MOW (2004-2012).

Joined the public sector with Ministry of Works responsible for all staff training and long term development functions. Created new training needs process and system, engaged in initiatives related to competency profiling, career developments, and career path planning. Managed a strategic project for the Ministry related to strategic performance management implementing the 3rd generation of the Balanced Score Card concept. Have participated in the introduction of competency based staff performance system. Managed another strategic project to implement succession planning and management based on competency pool talent management concepts.

Areas of expertise


List of Clients

Worked with Ministry of Housing for training and development including long term succession planning and succession developments.
Worked with Ahliya University for the internal colleges strategy, and developed an application to manage the strategic planning processes.
Under Training and Development Section of Ministry of Works, several programs were developed and training needs were delivered to MOW employees, specifically; Individual performance framework, succession planning framework, Competency-based performance training and strategy-aligned performance training.