Supreme Judicial Council: more than 107 thousand cases were considered in 2018 with a resolution rate of 111 %

Advisor Al-Buainain reviewed the achievements of the judiciary’s performance for the year 2018, pointing out that the council has worked to complete the implementation of the initiatives of the strategic plan of the judiciary 2020, considering that the cumulative building on what has been achieved is the basis for effective development, and said that the plan is based on the principle of ensuring the continuation of legal and judicial development, in order to enhance the efficiency of Judicial Performance ….

He pointed out that, based on the judicial authority’s Strategy 2020, many pivotal projects have been implemented, including the implementation of the civil case management system, which is the latest Essential development initiatives, as it is based on saving effort and time management optimally, and is specialized in preparing the case and preparing it for trial before the courts during specific periods, which will contribute to speeding up the separation of the case….