World Happiness Index

The Index Measures the well-being and happiness among the peoples of the world using the following criteria: Social support, Freedom, Corruption, Generosity, GDP per capita, Healthy life expectancy. The report is issued by Sustainable Development Solutions Network every year.

The Global Happiness Index is calculated based on the analysis of the data and questions to the individuals covered by Gallup World Poll, where the people are allowed to express their opinion about the level of satisfaction and well-being. Countries are scored by giving a value from 0 to 10, where 0 indicates the worst or the most unhappy country, and 10 to the happiest country.

Bahrain’s Score has remained consistent through out the year until it dropped again in the last repot of 2023. This is due to the decrease in the score of healthy life expectancy and social support.

World Happiness Index Ranking

Less is Higher

Annual Index Score

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