Future of Growth Index

The Future of Growth Report 2024 introduces a multidimensional framework to assess the quality of economic growth across 107 countries globally. It characterizes nations’ economic growth across four pillars: Innovativeness; Inclusiveness; Sustainability; and Resilience.
The Future of Growth Report stresses on looking beyond quantity in assessing economic growth rather also assessing the underlying nature and quality of growth in which it is achieved that ultimately matters most for positive economic, societal and environmental outcomes.

The starting point for the framework is an overview of a country’s recent economic growth performance, measured by three core indicators: GDP per capita, GDP growth, and GDP per capita growth over the past five years.
For each of the four pillars it gives a score of 0-100 for all the indicators under these pillars. Then averaging them to get a fina score for each pillar.

Bahrain has scored higher than most neighboring countries in two of the four dimensions; innovativeness and inclusiveness. Bahrain is also ranked second within the GCC countries in the average GDP growth and Average GDP growth per capita for 5 years. Bahrain would need to focus more on the resilience and sustainability dimensions in order to improve its ranking in the coming years.

Future of Growth Scores of the Four Dimensions

(Score from 0-100)

GDP per Capita PPP (2023)

Average GDP per capita growth (2018-2023)

Average GDP growth (2018-2023)