Food Security Index

The Global Food Security Index (GFSI) considers the issues of food affordability, availability, quality and safety, and sustainability and adaptation across a set of 113 countries. The index is developed by Economist Impact and supported by Corteva Agriscience.

The index is constructed from 28 unique indicators that measure the drivers of food security across both developing and developed countries.The index construct scores for each of the 68 indicators, placing them onto a common scale where 0 indicates worst performance and 100 indicates best performance. The resulted scores are then multiplied by weights and added together to produce scores at the levels of the issue categories and the final GFSI

Bahrain’s both score and rank increased in the year of 2022 compared to year 2021. This is due mainly to the increase of affordability, availability, quality and safety

Food Security Index Ranking

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Food Security Index Scores

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