Covid-19 Message

Strategy Optimization Consultancy

Raja Yousif Al-Zayani

Farid Karaymeh

6th Oct 2019

Today, the world is facing unprecedented crises that has never been experienced before. Corona virus pandemic has hit the whole world, and has impacted our life on earth; socially, economically, politically, and environmentally. The need for incorporating crises management within national and organizational strategies has become a call for survival! Strategy Optimization Consultancy is offering its services to support organizations in preparing and implementing an integrated Strategy-Aligned Risk Management Model ….

The Pandemic has revealed how fragile the international systems are in managing such crises, especially with the key issues that are related directly to the human life such as health and medical security, food security, water security, business continuity, environment aspects, education continuity, services continuity, labor market, etc.

Governments and Medical organizations have put tremendous resources and efforts in containing the immediate impact. However, the devastating effects on Economy and Society are so deep and may extend to longer periods, without a clear vision for the extent of time needed for the expected recovery.

Under such conditions of uncertainty, nations, governments, and all organizations are badly in need for a close review and reassessment of their current visions, strategies, and action plans, within a new foresee of the emergent factors on the global and local aspects.

Strategy Optimization Consultancy has the capabilities and is ready to provide an integrated model for the required Evaluation, Preparation, Planning, and Execution of a Strategy-Aligned Risk Management model, factored with disasters and crises preparedness, while maintaining all the long-term strategic gains and aspirations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assessing your strategies and incorporating crises management within its framework.