Bahrain in Key Global Indices Summary

Strategy Optimization Consultancy

Raja Yousif Al-Zayani

Farid Karaymeh

2nd April 2021



“Bahrain in Key Global Indices 2020 Report” aims to shed light on the current status for Bahrain at key global indicators, which issued by specialized international organizations and entities. It is a quick reading for the Kingdom’s position, as it appears at these indicators.

The selected indicators have been chosen for their diversity subjects and aspects. Some of the indicators, such as the global competitiveness index, is comprehensive in nature and covers most of the vital areas needed for the competitiveness of countries. While other indexes are characterized by specialization in evaluating a specific area of the economy like Doing Business Indicator, Health Security Index, and Global Food Security Index.

The importance of the international indicators stems from the fact that they identify the deficiencies and weaknesses that limit the capabilities of countries to improve their performance, as well as the strengths and advantages they enjoy. Moreover, these indicators give the opportunity for many countries to learn and benefit from experiences towards achieving their objectives. The international indicators, also, provide a benchmark among different countries at the prime development areas. Moreover, the ranking of a country at any of these international indicators are directly affecting its reputation and its credibility at the relevant sectors.

The report has been prepared to facilitate the decision-making process and to encourage those interested in the Kingdom to begin discussing and evaluating such indicators and using them to achieve national strategies.

While Strategy Optimization Consultancy is aware the importance of these indicators at the global level, the office is not biased with any of them. The images and relevant data has been projected as it has appeared at the relevant international sources.

Strategy Optimization Consultancy is hoping to successfully present the key aspect related to Bahrain’s current status in the global indicators.



List of Global Indicators with summary of the Analysis

* As per the latest issued international reports.


We are 9 years away from the realization of our Bahrain 2030 Vision. Where do we stand? And, what is the impact of our efforts and initiatives on the performance of our strategies?

As per the selected key international indicators, our strategic initiatives have resulted with a positive 74% impact on our Economy. While our Governmental efforts and strategic initiatives have a 61% impact. Our Social performance has resulted as a 70% impact.


Bahrain Performance at Key International Indicators

Concluded Statements

International Indicators are vital for assessing the impact of strategies on the realization of visions. Measuring the performance of the strategic objectives and benchmark those against the international indicators are the only way to vet the success of strategies.

Strategy Optimization Consulting is advocating to build-in the performance measures at the stated strategies, and to assess this performance on periodical bases, until the realization of the vision. The image and international reputation of any country or organization is influenced by the international indicators.

The competitiveness ideology of Bahrain Vision 2030 has been the focus of this report’s assessment, as it is our belief that we cannot advance without understanding our status at the international compass.