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Source of Indices

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Index Name


1 The Global Competitiveness Index World Economic Forum
2 Human Development Index United Nations Development Programme
3 Doing Business World Bank Group
4 Sustainable Development Goals Index United Nations
5 Global Governance Indicators World Bank Group
6 The Global Innovation Index World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
Cornell University, and INSEAD
7 Index of Economic Freedom Institute for Economic Freedom
8 E-Government Indicator United Nations
9 World Happiness Index A group of researchers:
John Helliwell,Richard Layard,
Jeffrey Sachs, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve,
Haifang Huang and Shun Wang
10 The Legatum Prosperity Index Legatum Institute

The Global Entrepreneurship Index

Global Entrepreneurship
and Development Institute
12 Enviornmental Performance Index Common effort by:
Yale University, Columbia University
and in collaboration with
the World Economic Forum