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Executing Strategy Certification


Executing Strategy Certification

One of our participants who has successfully passed the certification for "Executing Strategy" Course. Successful completion and satisfaction of the participant was described as; 

"It has been an honor and a privilege to attend the “Strategy Execution" workshop that has been conducted by Strategy Optimization office.

Through this workshop, I was able to obtain an internationally accredited certificate from ILM which is part of City & Guilds Group.

This practical workshop has enabled me to develop my abilities in how to plan and implement strategies and ensure their sustainability.”


رأي احد المشاركين في البرنامج:

" أشكر مكتب Strategy Optimization  لتقديم ورشة عمل "تنفيذ الاستراتيجية" ، و  التي تمكنت على أثرها من الحصول على شهادة معتمدة عالميا من قبل ILM  و City&Guilds .

مكنتني الورشة العملية من تطوير قدراتي في تخطيط وتنفيذ الاستراتيجيات وضمان استدامتها."


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