Our Team

We are a selective group of experts in Strategy Development and Business Management. Our competencies are high and diversified to cater for all knowledge areas that are needed. Our qualifications, experiences, and knowledge are top edge in all the related areas. We deliver our promise of proven best practices in all our service deliveries.

Our Core Team possess:

  • Highest accreditation in the world at Strategy Management
  • Economic and Business Development expertise
  • Strategy Management Software Expertise
  • Quality Management Expertise
  • Surveys and Business Analysis Expertise
  • Organization and Human Capital Expertise
  • Initiatives and Projects Management Expertise
  • Enterprise Risk Management Expertise
  • Performance Management Expertise.
Our Main Partners:
ShiftIn Partners (Link http://www.shiftinpartners.net/)
Global consultants who provides several consulting engagements worldwide, Partnering with customers in the Government, Utilities & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors.  ShiftIn consulting engagements typically imply solving a specific problem, developing a new process, implementing a specific organisational change or developing new capabilities.
ACK Solutions (Link http://www.acksolutions.com/)
Local consultant specialised in sales and marketing strategy and implemnetations. They provide services related to market analysis, marketing stategy, employee enagement, and marketing implementations.