Ministry of Works

Our Success Stories are stemmed from the successful experiences that our core team members have supported our clients with, and especially those that have led to international rewards and recognition. We would summarize the most important ones of them;
• Our core team members have supported Ministry of Works to establish and successfully run the first Strategy Management Office, with all the capabilities and competencies needed.

• Our core team members have supported Ministry of Works in winning the Hall of Fame Award in Strategy Management. This has taken on board all the initiatives of; establishing the proper strategy management system, qualifying for the Award, applying with more than 400 pages of documentations and evidences, winning by being one of the highest runners, and sustaining the success through all the years.

• Our core team has established Ministry of Works as one of the first who has confidentially dared to gauge its customers’ satisfaction through a public survey, henceforth, enforcing its strategy by evidence-based measures.

• Our core team has driven and supported MoW in equipping its strategy with enterprise risk management methodology. The incorporation of Enterprise Risk Management has safeguarded MoW against many of the threatening risks.

• Our core team has supported MoW in properly executing its strategy through the incorporation of the initiatives management and the related strategic funding.

• One of the main strength point that our core team has supported Ministry of Works with is its uniquely distinguished ability to align with Bahrain National Vision 2030, as has been indicated by the founder of the internationally renowned Balanced Scorecard methodology, Dr. Norton; “this is the best example that I have come across where you linked the alignment of the directorates and the agencies to the strategy of the country you started with the Vision 2030 and you created the linkage to Ministry of Works corporate and further on down. And it is very very powerful! Congratulations!!!”

• Our core team has supported MoW to be accredited as one of the best in the world for executing strategy and linking it to operations. According to Robert L. Howie, Jr., Managing Director of Palladium Group and Director of the Hall of Fame program, “Beyond the actual breakthrough performance results of the Ministry of Works, Kingdom of Bahrain, the judges were most impressed by the Ministry’s measurement of employees’ strategic awareness, the consolidation and standardization of measures, and its ability to link strategy with operations.”

• Our core team has supported MoW to be among the 12% rank world-wide, at its ability to execute strategy, according to 2008 survey that has been conducted by the Palladium.