Ministry of Works

Our Core Team has extensive long engagement with Bahrain Ministry of Works. The Ministry of Works provides infrastructure in accordance with the legal frameworks set out in the National Strategic Master Plan for Bahrain, outlook 2030.
The Ministry of Works is the construction arm of the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and has oversight in the following areas, in accordance with the Master Plan:
Infrastructure development consisting of the strategic planning, design, construction and maintenance of the public road network and the drainage systems for the Kingdom. Back in 2001, Ministry of works wanted to reorient its focus, upgrade its services, and prove itself as a leading professional organization. Strategy Optimization Consulting's core team are among the leaders for developing, planning, executing, and sustaining the strategy methodology that has governed the execution of MOW and has taken it to a highly recognized level in professionalism. Strategy Optimization Consultancy core team has supported Ministry of Works to enter the Hall of Fame to be among the few, world-wide, who have excelled in their strategy management.

Supreme Judicial Council is a newly established entity, with the massive responsibility to oversee the judicial system in Bahrain and assures its independence. Strategy Optimization Consulting's core team has supported SJC to better understand its position and realize the expectations that are associated with its roles and responsibilities. Strategy Optimization Consulting has supported SJC in developing and planning its strategy. As well as presenting it to the leadership and to the strategic stakeholders.

What distinguish Strategy Optimization Consultancy are its Internationally-Recognized competencies with an Arabian Gulf-customized style. “We have what it takes to bring in the world’s best practices in strategy management and business planning, and customize them to our clients' work environment.” said Raja Al Zayani, one of the core team in Strategy Optimization Consulting. SOC familiarity with the roles, regulations, culture is a credit for us. SOC well-versed knowledge of the Bahrain Vision 2030 and its associated Government Program would tip all of the high world-recognized qualifications, licenses, and experiences that the core team possesses. SOC does recognize that the external alignment of any enterprise with its strategy management is as important as the internal integration and building up of synergies for its success as a strategy-focused organization.

"Above all, we are proud to announce that we are the only consultant in Bahrain with the inclusive and full practical experience of Developing, planning, executing, managing, assessing, and optimization strategy.", said Raja Al Zayani.